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Available from January 2004

Trinidad Coloniales SBN-B 25 Cigars (44X132)

Trinidad Reyes SBN-B 25 Cigars (40X110)

Trinidad Robustos Extra SBN-B 10 Cigars (50X155)

Edicion Limitada 2004 available from May 2004

Romeo y Julieta Hermosos no 2 25 Cigars

Partagas Serie D no 1 SBN-B 25 Cigars

Hoyo Epicuro no 3 SLB 25 Cigars

got this in the mail today...interesting new sizes for trinidad.anybody know what size a psd1 is?????
is the "EL"thing getting old or is it just me????
meaning the hype not the excellent smokes but they seem to be anything but "limited".
finally...when the h*ll are we going to get a bolivar EL????

derrek :)

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is the "EL"thing getting old or is it just me????
meaning the hype not the excellent smokes but they seem to be anything but "limited".
finally...when the h*ll are we going to get a bolivar EL????
derrek :) [/B]
I agree--there's too many of these things. And they cost too much! Thank God for Bolivars, always a great stick at a great price.

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The Partagas Series D no. 1 should be 6 3/4 x 50 if they follow the original Partagas Serie A,B,C,D format.

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so this got me to thinkin that the definition of limited is probably going to be changed a bit in the future ... or maybe, just maybe, it already has been modified and i just didn't know about it. so i head on over to the OED and search on the word limited. this is what i pulled up... and to my surprise, the answer is right there in the OEDs definition (highlighted below in red - and you have to scroll down a bit, lazy):

limited li.mited, ppl. a. [f. limit v. + -ed1. ] In senses of the vb.

1. Appointed, fixed. Obs.

1551 Robinson tr. More's Utop. i. (1895) 67 He..hiereth some of them for meate and drynke, and a certeyne limityd wayges by the daye.

1577-87 Holinshed Chron. III. 882/1 That euerie man.. should paie the whole subsidie..out of hand, not tarrieng till the daies of paiment limited.

1633 T. Stafford Pac. Hib. ii. i. (1810) 225 They did somewhat exceede the time limited.


a. Circumscribed within definite limits, bounded, restricted. Of circumstances: Narrow.

limited edition, an edition of a book, or reproduction of an object, limited to some specific number of copies. (this, of course, is what we all think of as limited edition... but keep scrolling down)

limited express or train (U.S.): cf. next.

limited mail: a mail train in which only a limited number of passengers is conveyed.

limited monarchy: one in which the functions of the monarch are exercised under conditions prescribed by the constitution; so

limited government,



limited war, one in which the weapons used, the nations or territory involved, or the objectives pursued, are limited or restricted.

1610 Willet Hexapla Dan. 259 The knowledge of angels is limited.

1648 R. Filmer (title) The anarchy of a limited or mixed monarchy.

1651 Hobbes Leviath. ii. xix. 98 That King whose power is limited, is not superiour to him, or them that have the power to limit it.

1674 Essex Papers (Camden) I. 265, I cannot imagine what it is makes men in England believe ye Govermt of Ireland to be for a Limited Time of Three Years.

1710 in T. B. Howell State Trials (1812) XV. 62 The nature of our constitution is that of a limited monarchy.

1736 Chandler Hist. Persec. Introd. 5 The blessings of a limited government.

1789 Gouv. Morris in Sparks Life & Writ; (1832) II. 72 The King of France must soon be one of the most limited monarchs in Europe.

A. 1792 Burke Address Brit. Colonists N. Amer. in Works (1812) V. 148 England has been great and happy under the present limited Monarchy.

1828 Scott F.M. Perth xxi, I thank your Highness,..for your cautious and limited testimony in my behalf.

1832 Austin Jurispr. (1879) I. vi. 247 In limited monarchies a single individual shares the sovereign powers with an aggregate or aggregates of individuals.

1833 Mylne & Keen Reports II. 244 His co-executor..was in narrow and limited circumstances.

1853 Bronte Villette viii. (1876) 68 That school offered for her powers too limited a sphere.

1860 Tyndall Glac. i. ii. 15 A limited number of images only will be seen.

1865 Mozley Mirac. iv. 86 A limited Deity was a recognised conception of antiquity.

1866 Dickens Mugby Junction in All Year Round Extra Christmas No. 10 Dec. 17 limited-mail speed.

1879 F. R. Stockton Rudder Grange ix. 93 Time flew like a limited express train.

1883 P. Fitzgerald Recreat. Lit. Man 80 He started for Dublin by the mid-day limited mail.

1890 Harper's Mag. Aug. 409/1 Coming up by the limited train, Miss Lee was not favorably impressed.

1903 Connoisseur VI. 252/2 This library has the trail of the `Limited Edition' serpent over it all.

1904 Dial (Chicago) 16 Oct. 238 It is not a book for the limited express.

1920 H. Crane Let. 28 Jan. (1965) 32 A limited edition hastily gathered up would be the only possible method of presentation.

1930 Limited edition [see hog-wash].

1944 H. Treece Herbert Read 41 The Quixote in him that writes prefaces to Limited editions.

1948 H. J. Morgenthau Politics among Nations xx. 291 Another variety of a limited war..has been well described.

1955 Times 4 July 9/7 Britain, then, has to be prepared for both nuclear and limited war.

1955 Times 8 July 9/5 The recent war in Korea is an example of a major limited war, and the present operations in Kenya of a minor limited war.

1966 Mrs. L. B. Johnson White House Diary 20 Aug. (1970) 413 It was a good speech [by Lyndon]..`Perhaps it reflects poorly on our world that men must fight limited wars in order to keep from fighting larger wars.'

1971 Ideal Home Apr. 143 This Piccadilly mug is produced by Wedgwood in a limited edition of 4,000.

1972 Country Life 16 Nov. (Suppl.) 57/1 Pure silk 36 inch hand-rolled head-scarves, in four designs..and in limited editions for 12.50.

1973 Daily Tel. 27 Apr. 18 The National Maritime adding two new clocks to its collection of historic timepieces next month. The two, however, are replicas of 18th-century clocks which..Thwaites and Reed are producing in limited editions.


limited company: short for limited liability company (see liability).

limited partnership, inactive partnership, where liability is limited to the value of the capital contribution; so

limited partner.

1855 Act 18 & 19 Vict; c. 133 1 The Word `Limited' shall be the last Word of the Name of the Company.

1872 Raymond Statist. Mines & Mining 107 The Nevada Land and Mining Company, (limited).

1907 Act 7 Edw. VII c. 24 1 This Act may be cited for all purposes as the Limited Partnerships Act, 1907.

1907 Act 7 Edw. VII 4 Limited partners, who shall at the time of entering into such partnership contribute thereto a sum..valued at a stated amount and who shall not be liable for the debts or obligations of the firm beyond the amount contributed.

1931 Pitman's Business Man's Guide (ed. 9) 372/1 There is a further division into `general' and `limited' partners. The former correspond to the `active' partners, and the latter to the `sleeping' or `nominal' partners.

1951 R. W. Jones Thomson's Dict. Banking (ed. 10) 381/1 The idea of the limited partnership has not appealed to the business world and..only some 1,300 such partnerships have been registered.

1970 New Yorker 10 Oct. 37/2 Richard Roth, Jr., a limited partner, joined the firm.

1973 N.Y. Law Jrnl. 31 Aug. 1/4 It omitted compensation agreements between Empire and its counsel..with whom Mr. Goldberg was then associated as a limited partner.


a. In absol. use = limited mail in 2. (U.S. colloq.)

1887 Pop. Sci. Monthly Mar. 577 Let the great steamship founder, the limited crash through a trestle-living or dead, these men will be found at their posts.

1910 Kipling Rewards & Fairies 145 If you're off to Philadelphia..the Limited will take you there.

1913 E. Wharton Custom of Country v. xliii. 556 A bigger and brighter blur ahead, into which they were plunging as the `Limited' plunged into the sunset.

1938 S. V. Benét Thirteen o'Clock iv. 295 `Jerry Pye!' she said, `I don't know what's come over you. You never take me on any limiteds!'

b. = limited company.

1905 Westm. Gaz. 20 Nov. 8/1 Company floaters have gone very fast indeed, some limiteds, it is said, not having sufficient capital.

1907 Daily Chron. 26 July 3/4 This is my experience in a West-end house..classed with the Limiteds.

Hence 'limitedly adv., 'limitedness.

A. 1614 Donne Biaqanatoj (1644) 74 You see nothing is delivered by him against it, but modestly, limitedly, and perplexedly.

1656 [J. Sergeant] tr. T. White's Peripat. Inst. 288 A difference of Substance distinct from corporeity and limitednesse.

1812 Shelley in Hogg Life (1858) II. 91, I assume a character which is..unadapted to the limitedness of my experience.

1891 H. Jones Browning 235 He pushes the limitedness of human knowledge into a disqualification of it to reach truth at all.

1895 Q. Rev. July 76 We in London need such limitedly local relaxations.


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The OED is not so good for looking this up.
I tried the definitive source: El Diccionario Magnífico del Español ("The Grand Dictionary of Spanish") and found the following:

"Edición limitada (en relación a los cigarros): Los cigarros de La Habana que, antes de 2000, eran cigarros regulares pero se han cambiado de dos maneras: se ha agregado una venda adicional, y elprecio se ha subido cerca tanto como diez veces."

As best I can make this out with my rudimentary Spanish, it means

"Limited Edition (as applied to cigars): Cigars from Havana that, before 2000, were regular cigars but have been changed in two ways: an additional band has been added, and the price has been raised by as much as ten times."

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"Limited Edition (as applied to cigars): Cigars from Havana that, before 2000, were regular cigars but have been changed in two ways: an additional band has been added, and the price has been raised by as much as ten times."
:r :r :r :r

very good

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dvickery said:

is the "EL"thing getting old or is it just me????
meaning the hype not the excellent smokes but they seem to be anything but "limited".
finally...when the h*ll are we going to get a bolivar EL????

derrek :)
...pretty funny about the Boli El...A guy came in about 2 months ago with a BBF that had a EL band (2002).. :rolleyes:
asked him a little about it....said his buddy hooked him up ,blah,blah,blah...when I told him I had never seen or heard of 2002 bands,let alone a Bolivar El,he gave me a hmmmph and basically said I didn't know shit...:confused: ..I told him to enjoy his "cigar"....:p
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