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Hey all! I just found this place and signed right up...there seems to be a wealth of knowledge on here!

Yes, I am from Cincinnati...home of the Bungles and Cincinnati "we're in the" Reds. I love my hometown teams, but they're hard to watch sometimes!

I've been smoking cigars for about 4 months now since I started working for a buddy that is in to them. I've really come to LOVE smoking. My wife doesn't understand it, but I don't get my ass kicked too often over it. My favorite smokes have been Rocky Patels, specifically the Decade and Vintage 1992 and 1990. I also really liked the CAO Mx2 that I had recently, despite everyone else hating it. The worst cigar that I've bought and smoked came in a sampler pack from was a Nica Libra 1990. It tasted like newspaper and sawdust, combined with the smell of a barnyard.
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