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Dream Theater outdid themselves with this one. I was expecting something great and was not dissapointed.

The show itself:
The show is simply amazing. At almost 3 hours, it's a thrill all the way through. They play songs from just about every album (except Awake) that have not been on a live CD or DVD to date except for a part of SFAM.
Five songs from 'Train Of Thought', and five songs from 'Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence' were played. "In The Name Of God" was the PERFECT closer. For the end of the show, it was so filled with emotion, power and pure raw energy. Pure Emotion, played wonderfully, and better than the recorded version. Jordan's keyboard solo was excellent, quite different from his older solos. The 'Instrumedley' was an awesome song, cool they pulled it out for this DVD and tied with "Trial Of Tears" as my two faves on this disc. Hollow Years with the extended solo is so much better than the album version, the solo is just so great, and the whole song played live is a treat to listen to and watch.

Definately their best recorded show to date. The Japanese crowd, as usual, is pretty quiet except for at the begining and end of songs. Interesting to see how they dress for concerts - reminded me of watching old baseball crowd shots where the men were wearing ties.

The sound:
Now, here lies the problem. There was a production glitch, in which at the halfway mark, when the layer changes at 1:00 into New Millenium, the 5.1 audio malfunctions. The sub channel moves to the left rear speaker, and everything gets messed up. This is a problem on all the copies. Lasts for a couple of seconds. Overall, the sound still rates as excellent.

The packaging:
I love it. Looks sturdy, the artwork is great, and the discs are held in well.

The Bonus Features:
There's a 30 minute documentary on the Japanese leg of the 'Train Of Thought' tour, which is really nice. It has interviews, soundchecks, and other very entertaining bits. The Keyboard and Guitar world parts are excellent, and informative. The drum solo was alright, the reason I still watch it is because Mike brought two guys up on stage to play with him, which was cool. Finally, the video the band put on before every show is on here. 'The Dream Theater Chronicles. 1985-2004'. It's a nice litte video package that showcases Dream Theater's entire career.

The Video Quality:
Best looking concert DVD I have EVER seen. It was shot on film (24FPS) and not on video (30fps) like the 'Metropolis 2000 dvd'. It was shot like it was a full fledged movie. The camera angles, the cinematography, it's all just amazing. This is where DT really went all out.

In all, every DT fan needs this. And if you're not a fan, get this and you will be. Dream Theater just continues to impress me with yet another flawless performance of their impossibly difficult music.
10/10 by me.

PS Also available as on CD (3), however the interviews are not included on the CD set.
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