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Basic rules...(as taken from

If you start a pass, you must include a list of names/address's of everyone in the pass. The list must be compiled in the order you want the cigar box passed along. Typically, there are between 10 - 20 people in an average pass. Once the first person sends out the box, the second person will exchange (takes/puts) cigars, and then sends it to the next person on the list. Then once that person receives the box, he will swap a cigar(s), and then mail it off to next person. Once the last person in the pass receives the box, he will do an exchange of cigar(s), and then mail the box back to the originator of the pass.

How A Typical Cigar List May Look:

Cigar Pass Name: Sample Cigar Pass
Name of Originator of Pass: Rod Christophe
Address of Originator of Pass:
Originator Name
123 Sometown
Anycity, ST 12345

Participant 1 - Name/Address Here
Participant 2- Name/Address Here
Participant 3- Name/Address Here
And So On...
Be sure to put your name/address last on the list so it comes back to you.

Cross out your name once you've received the box

2.) Once you have received the box in a pass, you may take a few cigars (unless otherwise specified), and replace it with other cigars of equal or greater value. You may not place a lower quality/valued cigar (machine made, etc.) in the pass, unless otherwise specified.
Taking a Cuban cigar, replacing it with any amount of non Havanas will piss many folks off. If taking an old rare hard to get cigar & replacing it with something available easily will also get you in trouble with the participants.

3.) If you are planning on not being around when the box is to arrive at your home/office, PLEASE alert everyone in the pass, letting them know you will not be around, so they may re-route the pass. Be courteous, people don't like to have Cigar Passes held up. It is a good idea to post a message in our "Cigar Pass" forum letting everyone know if you plan on being out of town when you are suppose to receive the box.

4.) Be courteous to others in the pass. If it seems the cigar box requires any work, such as increasing humidity or repackaging/replacing the box, please do so. You do not want the next person in the pass to receive a box of dried, crushed cigars. Pack the tupperware (tupperdor) in a box with peanuts. This will keep the cigars safe, and free from damage.

5.) Be prompt. Try not to keep the box for too long. Typically, once you receive the box, make the exchange and mail it off ASAP. It's more fun to have the box make its rounds through the pass quickly.

6.) A cigar pass can be of any type. For instance, you may want to start a pass for only Maduro Cigars, or only EMS Cigars. Maybe a Cigar Pass that deals only with Cuban Cigars. Other passes may include Flavored Cigars only, or even maybe a Holiday Pass - such as a Christmas Cigar Pass. Perhaps even a geographic pass, such as "West Coast Cigar Pass ." You may name your Cigar Pass whatever you like. It may consist of any type of cigar(s). The ideas are endless, have fun with your pass, and be creative.

7.) If you are starting a pass, be sure to limit your participants. If you plan on mailing out a box of 15 cigars, you probably want no more than 15 participants. The more participants, the longer it will take for your box to make its rounds.

8.) If you plan on replacing a cigar with a substantially different type of cigar, it may be a good idea to put your cigar in plastic wrap. You don't want your cigar "marrying" with the other cigars.

9.) Arrange your pass to be sent out in order of each person's geographic location. For instance, if you have participants from California to Maine, send the pass in geographic order. This way the box will make it to each person quickly, and it won't have to travel back and forth across the country 3 times.

10.) Do NOT steal anyone's property... Be courteous to the Cigar Pass Originators. If the originator of a pass includes shipping labels, markers and anything else that is not to be taken out of the box, please do not take it out. Use it for the purpose intended, and place it back in the box.

11.) It's a good idea to use the United States Postal Service Priority Mail when mailing the cigar box. It's about $3.20 each time you mail the box, and it's a good idea to pay for tracking (delivery confirmation) - about $.50.

One of the most important rules is... If you are in a pass and have not yet received the box, and you know you are going to be out of town when the box comes to you, please notify the originator/members of the pass so that it may be re-routed. Please do not hold up a pass.

These are just basic rules. Each pass will have its own specific rules.
BTW: glass tubed Cohibas allowed.:D

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Great job Poker!!!!

I now have no questions regarding a Box Pass. Making a copy of this for future use!

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