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Got a bundle of these in June - 25 for $ 49.95. Was looking to find an economical larger ring maduro. (The IT super Fuerte Beli Maduro is my little cheap friend). Had looked at these in the catalog and online and thought for $ 2 apiece if they suck I'll give them to Sam. (My undiscriminating cigar smoking business partner). I have smoked about 20 of these so far and they have been very consistent.

Pre-Light Ruminations
These are not beautiful cigars. They are kind of rough. The maduro wrapper is fragile and if you're not careful will peel all to hell. (Don't put it in your pocket and forget about it, it makes a mess) These are 6x54 rectangular sharply bundle pressed (that's how they come) made by Nestor Plasencia in Honduras. Oily-jet black Honduran maduro wrapper with a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler and a Cameroon binder. They smell like the outside of a cocoa can or Hershey's powder that faint chocolate smell.

Initial Thoughts
There is a Gonz review done on these in November of 2004 on the CI site. In which he cites tasting like every flavor ever used to describe cigars based upon different eating and drinking situations. All respects to Gonz, but he's full of shit. Cigar marketers should stick to marketing. These cigars seem to me to be something created based upon the following assumption: How can we get the best taste out of a large ring gauge maduro cigar at the lowest possible price? The issue being I think they skimped on the wrapper - too thin. Its too delicate for chomping. But that being said you fire this up and it is damn tasty. When you nip the head might as well get the whole torp end. It's gonna peel any way if you don't. First light and you forget all the bitching that preceded here and find out this is a nice tasting stick. Nice full smooth maddie taste and I can't tell if it's the Cameroon binder but its nice and sweet woody chocolate.

Smoking Experience
I could put a nice story about driving around (to and from the barber) here but there isn't enough to talk about in this cigar. It's woody chocolate. Nice slightly sweet woody chocolate. I liked the flavor and they have some depth and rich strength. Woody chocolate depth. Woody chocolate strength. Ashed OK put out lots of smoke… woody chocolate flavored smoke. These are nice and smooth so you can get some big herfs on them. Consequentially you get pretty buzzed.. in a woody chocolate kind of way.

Final Thoughts
I may buy more of these as… yes I like woody chocolate. For $ 2 WTF these are a deal for the way they taste. Something different for the humi.
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