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Not too much written about this lovely cigar on the interwebs, but I have to say I'm glad I gave it a try. It's a beautifully made stick, with a lovely ruddy brown and oily "rosado" wrapper, few veins, and a nicely-rounded, well-applied triple cap:

I bought it about six months ago from a local B&M, it's been sitting at around 67% in my maid-a-dor ever since.

After a clean cut at the first cap layer, I didn't get a lot of flavor from the prelight draw. Upon lighting it, though, I did a double-take at the flavors I was getting from it.

A sweet creaminess mixed with dried fruit (apricot?) flavors on the finish. This flavor held out through the first third pretty consistently. However, the draw was still a bit tight, and I wasn't getting too much smoke from it, so I trimmed it down to the second cap layer. This gave me a bit more airflow, and also knocked off the first quarter inch of ash.

Fortunately, up to the second third, the ash held nicely:

In the second third, I had to touch the stick up once. Leather flavors blasted me after the first ashing (all over my lap), but I think it might've been from smoking too fast. An acrid smell started coming from this cigar at this point. After letting the Nestor cool off for a few minutes, I got a more subtle sweet creaminess, with a nice, distinctly leathery finish. So far, so good.

The last third required several touch ups, but flavors stayed fairly decent:

There was a small tear after removing the band, but I fixed it with a bit of saliva. That barnyard funk still lingered in the air as I smoked. Flavors stayed pretty consistent, and built on the leather and cream, but the dried fruit made a comeback with the addition of some nice cocoa at the start of each puff. However, this one wasn't nubbable:

I had to stop soon after this point. The smoke was getting too hot, and also too pungent. Overall, though, the flavors were really discernable and enjoyable throughout the hour or so I spent on this beauty. Besides the touchups, which were probably a result of the breezes outside, I had very few complaints. Definitely a solid 8/10.

Now if only they were a little easier to find, and cheaper.

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Seem to be reading many reviews out there that say that Nestors tend to burn hot easily.
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