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Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Rosado
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican
Binder: Nicaraguan
Size: 4.5 X 50 Coffee Break aka Sort Robusto

Prelight:(10) The first thing of note is the amount of veins this cigar has for it's size on its oily looking Acorn colored wrapper. There are quite a few veins and some rather big ones but the wrapper is otherwise flawless and it is applied well. The cap is generous and well applied but also slightly darker than the rest of the wrapper. I wonder if they use a different leaf for the cap to give more flavor? It definitely does not match the wrapper. It does have a very sweet and savory smell and taste to it. The stick itself feels firm and has no sponginess or soft spots. The prelight draw is nice and open. 8/10

Flavor & Aroma:
(15) 1st 3rd: Smooth. Little pepper through the nose to start but goes away quickly and turns into more of a soft cinnamon type spice in the aroma. Flavors linger on the palate. A little creamy with a leather core. Nice short sweet spice finish that goes to a long soft pepper. Medium body. Very sweet on the lips as it gets wet. 14/15
(15) 2nd 3rd: Body remains a nice medium that is getting progressively fuller past the 1/2. The nice spice is ever present and coats the palate for quite awhile before giving way to a peppery finish. The smoike is very smooth through the nose now and has a very nice sweet and very faint wood aroma to it. 14/15
(15) Final 3rd: Body progressively graduates to a medium/full area and the flavors have intensified slightly. The smoke continues to be creamy up front with a leather core and a load of spice through the aroma and on the palate giving way to a long soft peppery finish. 14/15

Construction & Burn:
(10) 1st 3rd: Excellent draw and volume. Pretty dark ash that is mostly dark grey and black with some white ripples. The flash on the camera makes it look lighter than it is. Very good draw though. Good volume. Got a little hilly. Fixed itself. Inner coal ash is very white though. 9/10

(10) 2nd 3rd: Sipping is perfect as long as you keep it going every 30 seconds or so. This cigar doesn't like to sit too long without attention. The burn is pretty good, but still a little hilly at times. No big deal though. Ash isn't particulary strong and has drops every inch and a half or so. 9/10

(10) Final 3rd: It is a little annoying to have to keep tending to this cigar so much. It really wants to go out if I am not on it every 60 seconds or so and now it is starting to run a little. The worst part is I am trying to nub this thing and the necessary puffing to keep it going is making it burn too hot. As good as it has been this final 3rd has left something to be desired. I put it out shortly after the below picture although I wished I could have taken it a little further. 8/10

Thoughts:(15) Well I like it much more than the Art Deco. This cigar actually starts good and continues to be progressively good all the way through. It retains a nice balance of spice to pepper ratio that keeps the palate entertained and satisfied. There isn't alot of cmplexity but there is plenty of flavor and plenty of that cinnamon type spice. This cigar is pretty good and I look forward to delving into the 6X60 Toro I have waiting in my box. 13/15

Final: 89
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