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nestor miranda special selection ruky

good looking cigar,nice shape.
solid feel,tobacco and light coffee smell

quick cut with my xikar guillotine,easy light with my bugatti torch.
kinda peppery with coffee and earthy tobacco flavors in the first couple of puffs

fantastic draw,producing clouds of smoke. pretty good burn,which is tricky with cigars of this shape. the secret is to light just the tip and puff slow and easy. too fast and you will end up with a one-sided burn

1/4 in and it's smoking nice and smooth.
pepper has toned down,coffee has been joined by a little cocoa,earthy tobacco is as tasty as ever.
it's a perfect day for a smoke,sunny,mid 60's with a light breeze

1/3 in and the spice has picked up a bit along with a little creamy leather flavor to join the coffee,cocoa and earthy tobacco.
same problem free draw and burn. the grey flaky ash seems solid

1/2 way and i'm definitely having a good time smoking a great cigar!
slight burn on the retro-hale,but i did pick up a little nutty flavor. kinda light,could have been cedar,hope to get more of it.

3/4 and it's smoking fantastic!
coffee and leather with a trace of cocoa. earthy tobacco with a touch of pepper.
excellent burn and draw,very cool smoke,easy on the palette. the ash fell at 2 inches or so

last couple of inches and it has been a very enjoyable cigar.
i bought a box of five,gave a couple to friends,and smoked a couple.
i can say without a doubt,i will be buying more!

the nub finished much like it started, a little peppery with coffee,leather and earthy tobacco.
draw and burn were exceptional the entire hour and half i was smoking it.

thanks for reading,hope you enjoyed the review!

i know you're thinking "what no zilla?" and "what no hat?"
well,zilla was at work,and my hair was wet when i smoked this

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Thanks for the review Ron. I've got two boxes of the Ruky (Oscuro) put away that I've been trying to forget about but now it's in my head that I must have one... I've only ever tried the Coffee Break in this line but loved it.
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