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Superman is flying over Metropolis and he is really bored. There is no crime, no one to help... Well he is also really horney and Lois is on vacation. Well he decides to fly over the beach...

As he is filying over, he ses wonderwoman butt ass naked and spreadeagle on the sand.

he thinks, "hmmm, I can swoop down there with my super speed, bang the shit outta her, and swoop away, before she even knows what hit her.

So he unzips his super zipper and unleashes his super boner and swoops doown and hits it. BAM BAM BAM, with super speed.


He flies away smiling after he is done, proud of his good idea and quite satisfied...

Well, we go back to Wonder Woman, who is a bit confused and she says, "Waht the hell was that!?"

Then the invisible man goes, "I don't know, but my ass is killing me!!"
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