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Continuing my 'best of' posts, here is one for music.

My two favorite CD's this year are:
Dream Theater - Train of Thought
Buckle your seat belt and get ready to go on a prog-metal rock ride. Some of the best drums, keyboard and fast guitar work (and solos) assembled at 150 mph.

Metallica - St Anger
Returning to their past (Ride the Lightning), this one is fast, raw, defiance, and did I say fast? Except for the title track, I've enjoyed this one more after 100 listens than I could imagine.

Most disappointed CD purchase:
Steely Dan - Everything Must Go
After winning the Grammy Awards for best rock album with Two Against Nature, this one was a HUGE letdown. If you're looking for greatness here, keep looking. If you're looking for something decent or even ok, keep looking. What you have found is nothing more than crappy appaling-inexcusable-indefensible elevator music. I've been a big fan of these guys since '72, so it does hurt to type this, but I've never been accused of not being forthright with my opinions. Reminds me of a baseball player who gets the MVP award (lets say .350 BA, 50 HR & 125 RBI) and then two years later is batting .125 with no homers and no RBI's.
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