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My little guy did great.
Nearly two hours of surgery, lots of plates and screws later, a loan to pay back in 48 months, but little man will see to jump another day.
The best case scenario resulted when they opened his leg.
They were afraid they would not be able to use plates due to how close the fracture was to the joint. However, it worked out.
The alternative was not good as it would entail a ring on the outside of teh leg, with rods into the bone, as a last resort.
It has been a tough day, and weekend, worrying about him. He will now have to deal with 12 weeks of pampering.
Those of you that saw my other post on this and wished him well, thank you kindly.
I was just remembering a dog trainer on TV who says they are not children, they are dogs. Yeah, right. What does he know?

My other major, and much larger worry, my daughter, has had a couple of return trips to the hospital, post her nasty I-95 accident, but it seems they now have those premature contractions under control. She walked away without a scratch and the baby is sound.
Things are looking up.
Here is little "lick you to death" Simba again.

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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