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Most/some of you may remember my rants about FedEx???!!!

Guess what???!!! I ended up paying that freaking bill of $76+chump change. I sent it along with a letter explaining that they could send it back once they realized it was only an extorsion bill. Call me on the phone if you think I am kidding 775-783-3445

WELL, I get another letter today, seems they have my payment, and have no idea why I sent payment to them!!! I picked up the phone, and was told that the gal I need to talk with is only in from 7:00 to 10:00 central time. WHOOOOHOOOOOOO I flew off the handle now buddy,let me tell ya. They now have yet another recorded phone conversation with me, on something they don't know about........and now, every FedEx fax number I could locate, has a hard copy of the letter, and my responce to send my check back if they can't take the time to do their job. Can't beleive they were dumb enough to send a letter asking why I made payment, and to explain it to them. "IF" I had not already written a LONG letter, and mailed it with the extorsion payment, I may have found this funny. NOT!!! I HOPE THEY MAKE NO MISTAKE, I LAUGH IN THEIR FACE!!!

Wheeew.......ya should have been here for the "R" rated version.

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