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Some more questions, some masked as play-alongs:

-Donald Trump has asked you to fill a 100ct humidor for his office, (wifey kicks his butt if he lights up at home). Since Donny wants the best of everything, he asks you to stock his box with quintessential must have cigars for himself and his posse. But only 100 TOTAL, and of course he hates singles since he wants to share with (read "wants to impress") friends and staff. Says anywhere between 4 and 6 different types/brands. He signs off on a blank corporate check (CHA-CHING) and says "off you go", with the admonishment that he wants smokes that EVERYONE should have, the absoulte definitive example of cigars, not necessarily the ones you'ld have. So, since money and availability are no objects, what do you get him?

-Afterwords, Donald's legal beagle sees the booty and says "aren't some of these ISOM's? El Jefe's posse has a bunch of lawers, and they may ask questions." So you're instructed to limit your work to only legally obtained types, and instructs you to replace the IIQ's (items in question) with domestically available ones.

-Joe Schmuckatelli works in a gas station on the corner, hears about your recent exploits, and wants to hire you out as his smoke consultant for the same services. Now, Joe's a great guy and all, but he only has less than $100 a month to spend on his hobby. So he asks you to suggest some quintessential must have cigars, but limited to that budget and with the same level of availability that us working stiffs face.

O.K., now some more obvious quesitons:

-How long does it take, on average, for you guys to get through a cigar? Say an average Robusto. I lit up a CAO Brazilia GOL one night this weekend, and it lasted from around 4:15 to about 6:00. Most of the others I've had were pretty similar in time. How the heck are you guys cranking out more than one or two a night?

-When do you give up on a single? At what point do you throw in the towel and say "this isn't going to get any better" ? I had a Don Tomas Robusto maduro yesterday. Started a little harsh, had a brief moment of surprising subtlety, then wanted to start wrestling again. Didn't change my tempo, didn't try to rush trough it... it just went south. Was gibt?

Enough for now. Gotta go PT. (then I need to work on my typing skills.)


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Avoiding the go to bid sites and buy "Old Cubans"....

Box - Opus X Perfection A - Because Donald new wife said it would be good to have some 9" in the box.

Box - Padron 1964 M Imperials - They are great like Donald thinks he is.

Box - Padron 1926 # 6 - Because sometimes smaller is better

Box - Olivia Master Blends Churchill - The Box is so Donald and the smokes are the best mild-Med out there.

Box - Arturo Fuente Anjeo - Resera Shark 77 - Cause they are the best strong cigar and his know knothing friends will recognize the name.

Box - Partagas 150 b - Because they cost the most and are really good

The extra few cigars 4 or 5 per box will be removed and given to the selection committee for quality review. Donald hates mistakes

Joe - If he smokes a lot needs some every day type must haves in quantity. there are lits of threads on these. I like sherpas and Indian tabac superfuerte beli maduros. If he is weekly kind of guy pick up singles from above.

Time - depends on how much in the herfin mood. Same cigar can have 50% time difference for me. Not a good thing just reality.

Give up - depends on how bad the smoke is. From first 1/2 inch to about 2/3 through it.
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