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Purofino Milenio Churchill :7 by 48

Touted to be made at the finest D.R. factory. Sposed to be Davidoffs;) . I found this cigar to be annoying and frustrating. It was boring, never opened up, tasted like a cardboard match was stuck inside. Let down in Seatown! 5

La Aroma de Cuba Robusto :5 by 54

A 93 rating from those "pickle puffers" at C.A.!?!?!? This is what they believe tastes better than all the Cubans they've rated in the past 3 years? Take it from me, La Aroma de Phillip Morris. Yuk. Something is amiss in this stick, I had more than a few of these with the same result. Not good. 4.3 (only cuz of construction and looks)

CAO Brazilia Piranha :4.5 by 46

Now I'm happy. A finely rolled dark Brazilian, Nicaraguan gem. The 10 months in the humidor has been subtle, yet very good for this cigar. It is a delicious treat. Burns and draws perfect, flavors of rich Nicaraguan leaf mingle with spice and chocolate, this cigar kicks ass. It has power too. I'm going to have to send CAO more money, I didn't pay enough! 9 :w
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