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Nice review. These are hands down my favorite cigars, although I prefer the smaller ring gages such as the Mechame. This series of cigar ages particularly well. I have some of the Jambo (Robusto) that have been in the humidor for a couple of months and they are a bit smoother than when I just opened the box. My older Mechames have been in the humidor about six months. I have noticed little change in these from three months ago. Again, it seems like three months is about right for me. The nice thing with these is that I also like them quite well right out of the box, so the aging is just icing on the cake and by no means a reqirement. I usually smoke the Afrique with a good strong coffee with cream and sugar. I have found these to be very consistent across the range and from box to box. I have gone through 1+ boxes of the Mechame, several Jambo and one box of the Sublimation. All have had the distinctive Afrique taste and near perfect Montecristo burn. Even though my code name is Punch, and I go through a lot of Punches, the Montecristo Afrique is the cigar that I would want if I were stranded on an island with only one box of cigars.
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