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I have purchased several boxes of these smokes and I found them to be an excellent cigar for my taste and format. I have seen a large ratio of these to be plugged or very tight draw that takes the smoking pleasure away... throw it in the trash and try another one.... after a couple of these I decided to cut the plugged ones open to see what the actual problem was... what I found was short filler buched into the center of the cigar.... I had one that was a good draw that I could only smoke just past the halfway point that I couldn't get back to soon enough to finish so I decided to cut this one open and check it out.... It was constucted with long filler naturally producing the better draw. My question to the group would be if anyone has had the same expeirence with this cigar or is this just a bad box.... or could it be that they just tried to make to many cigars with to little good material... all of the cigars I have smoked have the same flavor and aroma and I'm not questioning if these are true Havana's... I feel they are. the Box code is EAR FEB 02
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