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Laying in the hospital nursery is a newly born little boy. He is looking up when a man steps in and looks down upon him.
"Are you my daddy?" the little guy asks.
"No," the man replies, "I'm your granddaddy."
"Oh, hi grandpa. Do you know where my daddy is?" asks the newborn.
"He'll be here shortly," the old man replies.

Pretty soon a new face emerges peering down on the new bundle of joy.
"Are you my daddy?" asks the infant again.
"Nope, I'm your uncle," the man replies. "But you're daddy will be here real soon.

A few minutes later another new face appears and looks down upon the child.
"Are you my daddy?" asks the baby.
"Why yes I am," replies the man.
"Daddy, can you come a little closer please?" asks the baby.
The man obliges and leans in a little closer.
"Closer still," the baby asks.
The baby's father leans in even closer, now just a few inches away from the child.

The child reaches out and proceeds to bash his father on the top of his head while yelling, "HOW THE F*CK DO LIKE IT YOU SOB! "
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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