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I took a break from smoking for about 2 weeks and three weeks for cigars. Since my last report this box moved to a new humidor so storage conditions may have made a difference.

Size: 7x46(ish -- looks a tad bigger to me but eh...)
Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Tanzania, Nicaragua, Peru

Appearance: It looks good like my other sample. An ample cap with a third seam just peaking out here and there tops off the cigar. It's a medium golden brown in color with a slight greenish hue. The wrapper is loaded with tooth -- in some places almost resembling sandpaper -- and takes on a slight velvety sheen of oil. A vein curves its way up the front of the cigar.

Construction: The roll appears even and well packed at the foot. This cigar's tobacco seems unusual in that at the foot it appears lighter than other cigars with some streaks of almost yellow looking leaf mixed in with medium browns. It frankly reminded me of the way some pipe tobacco looks in the tin. I noted one soft spot above the band. It cuts easily though a bit ragged, leaving loose bits of tobacco to fall out. The draw seemed good. The cigar started with a slight runner in the first inch and the burn can be wavy but these problems evened themselves out throughout the smoke. The ash was firm and light grey.

Taste: The pre-light aroma was pleasant -- mostly of dryish vegetation (makes me think of underbrush) with a touch of earth and spice. The dry taste was hard to pin down. It seemed to tend more to the herbal and earthy end of things.

The smoke opened with a fairly strong dose of sharp spiciness with some cedary and earthy notes and a touch of bitterness. Generally this sample didn't come off as smooth as the last. The first inch closed with a touch more earthiness and salt.

The first third was marked by that dry underbrush flavor I mentioned earlier, a good dose of cedar with progressively stronger earthy flavors. The texture of the smoke seemed dry -- kind of chalky.

The second third saw the woody flavors at their peak. The spicy flavor lessens in intensity becoming more savory (Hogg -- is this the McCormick's Assorted?). The earthy flavors increase with a fleeting creaminess. The finish seemed to be medium (I'm not particularly good at describing finish) with some earth and herbal flavors and a touch of bitterness. Purged at about half way. The purge removed the bitterness and showed more concentrated earthy flavors with a slight sweetness.

In the last third the draw tightened, possibly because of the purge. The most notable change in flavor was an increasing sweetness.

Verdict: Owing to increasing bitterness in the last inch, I'd set this aside for a while. Maybe the bitterness came from the change in storage, maybe from blowing moist air through the cigar in the purge or maybe from my salivation. I'd welcome any ideas on why this happens.

Overall it's a good cigar. It's not one that I would usually pick out but it makes for a really nice change of pace from heavier cigars with greater strength and darker, richer flavors. The second third is where the flavors really came through at their best and made for a very pleasant smoke. The aroma in the room almost smelled like a wood fire (but that's probably pushing it a bit). I think it should be accessible to a wide range of smokers.

A third impression will come in another three months.

I've topped my first impression, which can also be found at:
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