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Luvin' me some Lagavulin
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Good value smoke. Every once in awhile JR will do the 40 count boxes (nat or mad) for $60.00. Haven't seen that in awhile, but don't forget the JRauction site to get them a little cheaper.

I prefer the maduros and don't think they need as much resting time as the EMS, but I do like the EMS version as well. Over the last month I have smoked some well rested EMS versions (Clemenceau 7.50 x 50, and Magic mountain 6.00 x 54 box pressed) and they have been good. As you say, they won't blow you away but they are a very solid value smoke. I think the robustos are the best size, no bigger than the magic mountain - I have had some burn issues on the Clemenceaus.

nice review,

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