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A New Jersey company has been working a loophole in the U.S. embargo on Cuban cigars: It sells a line of Havanas made from Cuban tobacco that has been sitting in a Florida warehouse since before the U.S. banned imports in 1962.
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This is interesting. I haven't seen these exact smokes, but I know the same story is attached to a line made by Gurkah.

I know it's natural to be quite skeptical, when hearing these "stories". I will tell you, however, that I have had the Gurkha sticks and they are so good that it is easy to believe they are Cuban tobacco. They are very pricey at $18 a stick. If you read the above article, you will see that this guy in NJ is retailing his between $10-$15.

Any other experiences or opinions on this?

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Their rep has been to our shop. In fact, coming back today with another line or two he reps.
I've had these. They are good, but pricey. Plus, you have to pick up another of their "non" cuban line, as they want you as a customer once the "pre-embargo" runs out. As I said, I liked them. They are a mixed filler. Don't know how much Habanos leaf is in them. I've met the guy who owns the company. Seems like a stand-up guy. I do believe their claim, for what THAT'S worth. Hey, bottom line............Is it a good cigar for the price? The rest of the crap doesn't matter, IMHO!
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