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for those of you who enjoy maduros, what would you recomend that's worth trying? It's been pretty hit or miss for the last few i've tried but I really enjoyed the ones that hit, and since my buget is well on a budget I figured i would get some opinions from those of you who have more experiance than me, :smokin: instead of randomly buying cigars. So far the ones i've really enjoyed were Onyx reserve, 5 vegas gold maduro and casa torrano (sp?). Any advice/recomendations from some BOTLs would be greatly appreciated. :thumb:

Thanks in advance,

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Hmmm Maduro on a budget, sounds like me. Here are a few that I like....

5Vegas Series A
Padron Londres Maddie
CAO Brazilia (can get these in the $4 range if you search around)
El Mejor Espresso (need a few months in the humi to come around)
Anything Indian Tabac in a Maduro (IT MAduro, IT Super Fuerte Maduro, IT Cameroon Legend Maduro)
Arganese Maduro
Nica Libre (these need some time also)

These are just the ones that I have smoked. I'm sure many others will chime in with some better advice.

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A/F Anejos, WOAM, 8-5-8
Oliva O,G, AND V
La Aurua 1903 Pref. ruby red maduro
R&J Viejo
Camacho triple maduro

just a few, good luck

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Here's my list and I'm a full blown Maduro guy:

AF 858
AF Chateau Fuente
Almost any Padron but particulary the Delicias for a short smoke and the 2000 for a standard smoke
Diamond Crown Maduro (pricey - over $10 a stick)
Savinelli ELR - doesn't get a lot of attention but an AF collaboration and an excellent smoke ($5 - $6 range if you can find a deal)
La Riqueza - quickly moving to the top of my go to list - very tasty
CAO MX2 - a little bolder than the others but a top notch maddie and they are on sale right now on every site.
JR Ultimates - totally underated stick. Perfect draw & burn - tons of smoke - nice full tobacco flavor. I guarantee if I take the band off and you smoke one you'll swear by it but some people are just turned off by JR products.
Maria Mancinis - inexpensive, my initital take is that they need a little rest but I haven't given up on them yet
El Rey Del Mundo - I prefer the Rectangulares because of size and the Choix Supreme when I have a litte more time
Lastly - the Don Tomas Classico is very nice but for some reason I have a hard time finding them

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thanks for the recomendations guys! Im going to try a couple of them over the weekend :smoke: just gotta see what my B & M has in stock.

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I started a thread asking for recommendations on maduros, and here's the list that was compiled:

601 Blue & Green
LFD Double Ligero Maduro
LFD Coronado
Camacho Triple Maduro
Diesel Unholy Cocktail
JDN Antano & Antano Dark Corojo
CAO MX2, LX2, Brazilia
A Turrent Triple Play
Jamie Garcia Reserva Especial
Oliva Serie V Maduro Torpedo
Fuente WOAM
Fuente Anejo
Kristoff Maduro
Kristoff Ligero Maduro
Padron Maduro
Liga Privada No.9 & T52
RP Patel Bros
JJ Maduro
Cubao Maduro
Partagas Black Label
Omar Ortez Maduro Puro
Los Blancos NINE
La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro

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I know I am new here but I love me some maddies.
187 -Can't remember who makes them but they are great.
Padron 2-3000 is my favorite size they age amazingly well.
JR Ultimates - I have had a few and was really surprized cuz they are good.
5 Vegas A
Nica Libra - These are in my top 5 of affordable smokes.
WOAM - a little more then a few dollars but are very good.

I like to try all of them.
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