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Although the Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake might be considered an aromatic, this one definitely is. The room note is quite nice, as one might expect, much like the smell in the tin -- vanilla all the way. Not much of that taste in the smoke, though.

The flakes were rather moist in the freshly opened tin, so I decided a cannonball was in order. The thin flakes wadded up nicely and even though a bit moist lit well after a charring light.

I was a bit disappointed in this tobacco. It seemed the topping took over the entire bowl and it never did develop much of a tobacco taste. Some tobaccos, not really heavy aromatics but cased nonetheless, gradually burn it off or vaporize it, leading to the taste of the underlying component tobaccos. This never did that. If anything, the solvent seemed to be the main taste, not even the vanilla. Rather than a nicotine high, I seemed to be getting drunk instead! :ask: Somehow, I don't think drying it out would help all that much; it wasn't so wet as to keep me from smoking the entire bowl without a relight, but the cannonball kept an airpocket that prevented a nasty wet dottle. I think normal rubbing out and packing would have created a mess more typical of cheap OTC blends.

All in all, I'd say this is flake version of 1Q or maybe PS Nougat. Mac Baren Mixture Flake is a very fine smoke, but I can't recommend this one.
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