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We have sold 42 tickets and it looks like that's going to be the final number. We extended the deadline one week to hopefully fill it up. All monies are due by this Friday, the 15th and we will draw the names after the weekend. The name drawing process will be as follows. Everyone will be assigned a number. Then my wife wil be taking all of the numbers to her office and will draw the from the set of numbers. She will have no knowledge of who is who according to numbers. Then I will have her e-mail me the numbers and I will post the list of participants with their numbers and we will know the winner(s).

Grand Prize: (based on 42 paid entries) will be $420 towards travel expenses to be paid to the winner on herf day. There is a room being held at the Marriott for the winner, for Friday and Saturday night. The room rate is $89 per night so that total would come off the $420. If the winner chooses not to use this room we need to notified so that I can open it up to someone else. The winner will be responsible for the securing of all of their travel plans, including booking the room at the hotel. The idea behind the prize is the re-imbursment of travel costs.

1st Runner Up: A nice desktop Humidor courtesy of Bargain Humidors.

2nd Runner Up: Colibri lighter (courtesy of Matt R.)
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