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While the final price has not yet been determined the design has been finalized. The price will still be less than $25. The shirt itself will be a polo type shirt with a pocket. The LOL Herf logo will be silk screened on the right side and your name will be embroidered above the pocket, on the left. As of today I have pre-orders from the following people:
1. Flip Flop XL
2. enyafan 3X
3. Matt R. L
4. barrythevic (2) XL
5. shootingstar XL
6. SKYDVNKD (2) 1 XL and 1 M
7. Allofus123 XL
8. Brandon L
9. Malcolm L
10. Mike P. XL
11. Ron H. 5X
12. Soul 2X
13. seagarsmoker XL

We will need to get these ordered after next weekend. So, if you want one, LMK this week. They can be paid for at the herf.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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