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Well this isn't much of a question, just more of a personal experience.

My Porsche Humidor sits on top of my cabinet (roughly about 5ft high). This cabinet sits right next to my window in my room. Window faces West, so lots of sunlight comes into my room in the later part of the day.

So yesterday I was doing some rearranging of my room and moved my humidor to the other side of my room underneath a shelve, away from the sunlight (not thinking much of it).

My humidor before (running KL) was ALWAYS at 70%RH and roughly around 20c. Now since it has been set underneath a shelve it has dropped to 65%RH and the temp has dropped to 18c.

My humidor has the carbon fibre design (black and dark grey). If I remember correctly, when I was in college we learned about the heat absorption of different colors and the effects it has, and the color black has about a 0.9 heat absorption rate. So once the sun hits the humidor, it sucks in all the heat and raises up the RH and Temp. I didn't think it could cause that much of a change. But I guess it does.

Just food for though. Kinda makes you second guess where you think you should be putting your humidor.
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