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Light fuzz on cigar so soon??

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OK, so I understand that one sign of good aging is the light coating of fuzz on the length of a cigar...not to be confused with spots of mould. Being a patient Canadian, i was ready to wait for some time before seeing the telltale fuzz appear, as an indication from my smokes themselves telling me that they are happy and aging nicely!

Imagine my surprise when I looked in the humi, a mere 6 weeks after filling it with a couple of brands, when I notice that there is a light fuzz coating appearing on the Fuente churchills on the top shelf of the humi. 6 weeks!?! That is much sooner than I was expecting......since I'm a fairly new smoker and have really only started to buy/store my own cigars recently, can someone tell me if perhaps there is something wrong here? Is this premature fuzz?

rh and temp is constant +/- 4 points from 68-68........

Hopefully this just means that my Fuentes are going to be really good....

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If you can brush it off with no problem....its bloom, which is a good sign and part of aging. If there is discoloration when you remove some, its mold.
Definitely not is bloom as you call it...I'm just surprised that it appeared so soon.....I thought it took longer for the bloom to appear.

Thanks for your feedback....
plume.... ive found in my humidor that especially oily wrappers develop plume rather quickly, as soon as 3 weeks in a couple of cases. Those less oily have taken as long as 6 months to a year. Just depends on the wrapper and the age the cigar already has on it I suppose.
Exactly i have a fiver of graycliffs i got 6 months ago, and i have no bloom on them at all...... of course i haven't looked them in a month or 2

fortune smiles upon you
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