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The Cedar Box
1002 SW Blue Pkwy
Lees Summit, MO 64063

(816) 554-6363‎


I've been hanging out here on Friday evenings lately since Jon introduced me to this cool little shop. Smoking is banned in Lee's Summit but The Cedar Box was able to get an exemption. The smoking lounge takes up about half the shop and has several tables, a bar, a couch and love seat, and several TVs. Soft drinks are available for purchase (only $0.50) and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages. They have a drip coffee machine if you would like coffee but you will need to bring your own coffee and filter. Ventilation isn't the best with only one small smoke eater so it does get pretty smoky at times.

As far as the shop itself goes, The Cedar Box is a smaller shop with a rather random selection of cigars. The owner told me that most of their customers are bundle smokers so there are quite a few budget cigars but there's also quite a few premium selections, some of which I had not seen before at other shops. You'll definitely be able to find something you'll like but they might not stock the specific cigar that you're looking for (although they can order almost anything you might want). They did have a very nice VSG and Oliva V selection when I was there last.
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