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Land of Lincoln Herf III Travel Raffle

Here's the deal: We will be selling 50 raffle tickets
for $20 each to help raise money for our charity herf
on October 11th, which will benefit the local Boys and Girls Club
and Make-A-Wish Foundation.
This raffle is a pre-cursor to all the other events that
will be happening on herf day as well as the pre-herf
party on the 10th. Some of things we will have on
those dates will be a live auction, "dowrah" auction,
raffle and the infamous 50/50 where you put in $1 and
a cigar. Winner gets the cigars and the charities get
the cash. Anyway onto this particular raffle, the
winner will receive reimbursement for travel expenses
up to $500, simple as that, well, sort of. We will
book the winner a room at a local hotel that is near
where the herf is being held. It will probably be the
Ramada Renaissance or the Hilton. The booking will be
for two nights, October 10th and 11th. The winner will
be responsible for all charges over and above the room
rate and taxes, i.e. phone calls, mini-bar, etc. The
winner will be responsible for purchasing his/her own
airline, bus or train tickets through their own travel
agent or mine has offered to help arrange schedules if
the winner doesn't have a regular agent they use. When
the winner arrives at the event, we will reimburse
them for the cost of the airfare and give them the
amount needed for the hotel room for two nights. This
amount will be up to $500. Room rates should be less
than $100 a night, so that would leave approximately
$300 towards the airline, train or bus costs. If the
winner's flight only costs $200 then that amount plus
the hotel costs will be the amount reimbursed and the
remainder will be added to the charity funds. In order
for this to be worth the $20, I would assume that
anyone living within driving distance would not want
to participate in the raffle but, if you are one of
these people and would still like to buy a ticket and
be reimbursed for your gas money and the hotel stay
you are more than welcome to do so but you will only
be reimbursed for those two items and not the entire
$500, unless of course gas takes a BIG jump in prices
around the second weekend of October. You may also
decide to purchase a ticket to have one of your
farther away herfing buddies to fly in that is up to
you. We will be limiting the tickets to three per
person so as to give more people a chance to win. An
independent party will draw the winner shortly after
the money for the last ticket sold is received. The
cut-off date for purchasing tickets will be August 2nd
and all monies should be received by August 8th in order
to provide the winner with plenty of time to prepare
for their trip. We will be responsible ONLY for
reimbursing the winner's costs up to $500,in person
and cannot be held responsible for any events that may
result in the planning of or during the actual travel.
In the event the winner cannot travel after the
arrangements are made and they have non-refundable
plane tickets, we will reimburse the winner for ½ the
cost of the plane tickets, receipt must be provided,
and the remainder of the money raised through the
raffle will be donated to the charities. In the event we
do not sell all 50 tickets, the monies will be adjusted
to a 50/50 split for the amount sold. Please e-mail
me at [email protected] to purchase ticket(s).

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Have sold 10 tickets. Need to sell a lot more!! So, to sweeten the pot a bit we will be adding some other prizes for second and third place. Second prize will be a humidor donated by mhotek. When we get ten more sold we'll add a third prize, 20 more a fourth prize, 30 more and a fifth prize. :)

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To the top as a reminder!!! We have 12 tickets remaining and tomorrow was the cut off date for signing up and the 8th is cut off for payments received. You can't win, if you don't play.
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