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It's time to start pumping everyone up for the annual Land of Lincoln Herf. Just like last year we can guarantee a great time and lots of laughs. Some of the events for the Land of Lincoln extravaganza include:
Thursday: A trip to the casino riverboat, if you like, and a night out at the Crowne Plaza.
Friday: Guided tours of the great metropolis of Springfield. We can visit Old Abe's tomb, the Old State Capitol building, Dana Thomas House, the East side projects and grab a horseshoe for lunch. This tour will be hosted by none other than myself, though the east side project portion of the tour is on your own. Then after a long day of sightseeing and smoking other people's cigars we will head out to drillr's place for some fine food, tasty drinks and loads of BS'in and fun. There will be door prizes, contests and the 50/50 (one cigar and $1 gets you in the 50/50, winner takes all the smokes). Plus I'm sure K will come up with some other uncooth things to participate in.
Saturday is herf day. Starting at noon and ending at midnite at Andiamo, in historic downtown Springfield, right across the street from the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices. Auctions, raffles and lots more fun to be had. We will have tons of items in the raffle and auction. If you don't come away with something it'll be a miracle. Andiamo will have a special menu for folks to order off of for dinner(at discounted prices) and we will provide snacks and Killer Beans coffee throughout the day. Plenty of places to grab a bite to eat in downtown if you need a break from herfing, but we highly recommend the food at Andiamo. After dinner time and things settle down a bit, our good buddy from SoCal, poker, will provide hours of entertainment with the now infamous "Dowrah" auction. If you haven't seen it, you won't believe it until you do. Then at about a quarter 'til midnite, myself, JB and K will take a backseat to all the action and watch Flip Flop clean up. It'll be a welcome break and probably provide some more entertainment.
Sunday: If you're still around and don't have to head home, we can herf some more. I know a lot of the KC's Aficionados guys have a tradition of heading out to breakfast at one of the local Mexican places downtown and I'm sure they'd be happy if you joined them. If you missed the guided tour of Springfield on Friday morning, I'm sure we can find someone to help you see the sites. Once again, the east side projects will be on your own.

Hope to see each and everyone one of you. For more detailed info check out our website at:
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