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If anyone is so inclined to help out with donations to this year's Land of Lincoln Herf, we would be most grateful. The herf will be October 11th, 2003 in Springfield, Illinois from noon-midnite. The auction and raffle, along with some other money raising events, will benefit the Springfield Boys and Girls Club. We hope you all can make it, but if not, and you would like to make a donation, please let me know. Thanks from everyone involved in LOLHIII!

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I know just how to make Matts day!

I have just talke to the factory and Lars Tetens shall be maiking a donation at my request. hehe
(yeah its gonna be the leather bag type!)


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as usual i will be donating some good smoking items
along with making sure there are plenty of things available
for all auctions and raffles .
well aged to new stuff big and small

plus i want to mention this item in particular

lynn(the wife) is making a quilt for the herf (handmade)
and on the quilt will be many pics of persons that have attended
different herfs i cant say that everyone that attended lolh or socal is pictured but i did my best trying to get as many as possible, my major problem was pictures containing to much smoke to come out clear for the transfer to fabric.

as usual i'll supply some door prizes for the preherf and i'll start off the 50/50's with a primo stick( and not what matt,flip,or robmcd would call primo, but what i would call primo lol)

at preherf there will be plenty of fish this year (walleye,double amont from last year)
peeing behind the garage will be available with position of honor
saved for mr.jerry.
and we will do another speed /power herf contest this year but i promise this year i will not use dog rockets(toscanis,how sweet the revenge for the BB/macambo pair from the year before was though) but either partagas shorts or punch petite punch as i have good supplies of both

hope to see you all here!
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