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I was warned not to trust any BOTL, and I didn't listen :wink:

After doing a PIF with Bob (Maxwell62) we PMed back and forth discussing a possible trade, as I didn't have much in stock I didn't think this would go anywhere, well I was wrong. I sent him a list a cigars I had and he picked 3, and I through in a 4th just for fum (Puff Math right?).

Then I got a couple odd messages from Bob :tease:, and anyone who knows Bob, know he is completely off his rocke :nod:r... and I was apparently getting some pie :caked: or fish eyes in the mail and some bird was messing with him too...:biglaugh:

Well the package arrived yesterday and it's a good thing I'm getting my cedar siding redone this weekend cause the whole front is all charred from the explosion that occurred when I opened my mailbox.

The Griffin's, Don Pepin Garcia Vegas Cubanas, Rocky Patel 1961, Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic, Don Ramon Maduro, Don Ramon Connecticut, Compay Buena Vista, Rocky Patel Vintage, CI Anniversary, Victor Sinclair Vintage Select, and a Victor Sinclair Primeros.

Bob you are amazing, I cannot express in words how I feel right now. These are some awesome sticks, none of which I have tried yet, and I can't wait to do so. You are a great BOTL, Thank you very much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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