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I have long been a fan of the LGC Wavell. It is one of my go-to cigars for a short smoke while walking the dog.

The Double Corona is 7.75 x 49 - that's a lot of cigar if you're used to the 5 x 50 Wavell.

The local weather has been crap, lately, and yesterday afternoon it finally broke. Clear skies, moderate temps - good cigar weather, in other words. Decided to give this vitola a try after supper.

Construction: good. Deep, dark wrapper, mostly smooth, just one vein prominent for about a third of the cigar's length near the head. Firm to the touch.

Burn: good. Clipped cleanly. Pre-light draw was easy, almost too easy, but not quite. It burned evenly for most of its length. Had to correct it with about 1.5" to go where the burn was lagging by that vein.

Flavor: good. This cigar started out pretty mild, but continued to build in strength the whole way. When I had smoked it down to about the size of a Wavell, it reminded me very much of a Wavell. Overall flavor was strong tobacco, with notes of leather and cedar. With about 2" or so to go, there was a sudden blast of chocolate, but that didn't last. The last inch started to get a bit overpowering and I stopped smoking with maybe 3/4" to go. By then I had enjoyed a full 90 minutes of relaxation.

I would definitely smoke one again, although it is rare that I have enough time to really kick back and enjoy a cigar of such proportions.
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