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Kid in a candy store

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I think the folks at Clubstogie are about the only ones that can empathise with me right now. I have three boxes of cigars coming in Tuesday...Cohiba Edicion Limitada Prominentes, Cohiba Sigli VI, and Partagas Serie D No. 2.

I'm like a kid before Christmas! I have heard so much about the Sigli VI, along with it grabbing the numer one spot at T25C, that I can;t wait to try one. The others have me drooling as well.

Just had to scream this somewhere!
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sounds like a damn fine selection you have coming in. having had the siglo VI, and it being great, i am anxious to hear what you have to say about the cohiba prominentes when you get them.

What're doing next Saturday afternoon. I know of a great local herf in Cali.
With the temperatures in Minnesota dropping like the ash on a Backwoods...Cali sounds kind of nice right now!
Wow very nice!

Ya know... Minnesota isn't that far from Indiana..... :D
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