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Finishing up a Ron Stacy Signature Sultan Edmundo (C Blend). The cigar itself is beautiful. Dark wrapper. Awesome bands - one at the foot; large black and silver band at the top with a star and Ron Stacy signature and then a small brown band with "signature" on it. Great looking cigar and banding.

Felt firm to the touch but not hard and no soft spots. Good prelight draw - no special flavors but clean and easy on the draw and a nice smell.

Ash was mostly whiteish with some grey/salt & pepper and held on for at least an inch at a time. No touch ups or relights needed.

The best way I can describe the cigar is to quote my cousin from NY = "like butta`". Smooth as silk the whole way through. Never got hot - never got bitter - just smooth, smooth, smooth. The other descriptive term that comes to mind is mild/mellow - absolutely NO harshness.

Paired this with my homemade Port wine - quite a good pairing if I do say so myself...

All in all this cigar was so pleasant and so smooth and silky that I will be reserving the remaining 9 for special occasions only - mostly because I know it will fit any occasion and I can't go wrong with the choice. I only stored this for a couple weeks before smoking so I dont know if longer storage will improve it or not, but as of right now it was a grand slam, walk off, home run!

Thanks Ron!

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Yeah, I dropped the ball on the group buy of these and haven't had the pleasure of trying one yet. Thanks for rubbing it in!

I need to pick up a few...
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