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Howdy, y'all.

I've made several ashtrays in the past year or so; a project that started out simply as needing an ashtray for my own shop because I was too cheap to buy one. Although they were originally intended only to hold my own cigars while I worked on some other project, I posted a few pictures and a couple of people surprised me when they wanted one of their own. I've given away several on here and locally, and the one question that keeps coming up is when I can make more of them. After endless modifications, sacrificing innumerable cigars, and even taking up a pipe all in the name of R&D, I finally came up with a couple of designs I like.

I've exhausted my supply of butcher block counter top material with this run. I may or may not make more of these in the future from different material, but this is the last batch that will be from this material... at least until I remodel my kitchen again. I have only a limited number of these. When they're gone, they're gone.

The tools are shown only to demonstrate versatility and are not included. V2N1 comes with the magnetic cork knocker. Made of oak butcher block, finished with shellac.

Prices include shipping in the 48 states. I'm willing to ship elsewhere if you pay the shipping.

All of the profit that comes from this batch will be donated to SOS Shelter, a volunteer-run no-kill animal shelter here in Enterprise. I'm donating my time, materials, shop supplies, etc. I'm only going to take out what covers the cost of shipping and every penny after that goes to SOS. I've worked with this group several times (even played Santa one year for a fundraiser) and they do a great job of taking in strays and saving a remarkable number of owner-surrendered pets. You can find out more about them here: About | sosshelter


V1 Travel-sized ashtray: $45
7 available

Approximately 3"x5"


V2N1 Two-in-one cigar and pipe ashtray with magnetic knocker: $65
10 available

Approximately 3.5"x7"







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I have an assortment of rejects too. All of these have some sort of cosmetic flaw (big knot in an unfortunate location, cut stop got a little off, weird tear-out, etc). If you buy an ashtray and want one of these rejects, just let me know and I’ll throw one in the box for free until I run out.

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