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I picked a box of these up from CI as a knock-around. While I love my Padilla Miami's, DPG's, and RyJ's, I can't afford to smoke them all the time, even though I only smoke about 3 a week or so. Anyway, at just over a buck a piece, I figured they were worth a gamble.

They have only been in the humidor for a little over a week, but I had to give one a try.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this cigar.

The construction is very good, especially for a budget cigar.

The burn stayed even throughout, the ash held very well, and there was a ton of nice white smoke.

It starts out as a mild/medium body with just a hint of sweetness. The draw was a little tight for the first quarter inch or so, but opened up very nicely after that.

About the start of the second third the sweetness goes away and the body picks up a little. It is much more of a medium body at this point with just a bit of pepper, which stays till the end.

Overall, a very nice cigar, especially for a buck and change. I really was not expecting to like it as much as I did. I'll definitely be keeping some of these on hand.
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