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I got a couple of these at my local B&M, (Piramides) I decided to light one up today and .. WOW!! This cigar is GREAT! One of the best cheaper cigars Ive tried latley!! ($4-5) The taste starts spicy with alot of floral and vanilla tones. By the mid point this cigar got real nice and mellow with nutty, cocoa, sweet flavors! It was great all the way to the last inch!! I nubed it!
I found some info on these, and I read somewhere that they might be blended by Pepin G? Here is the info I found on them:

The JFR is a traditional fuma style cigar with pigtail head and unfinished foot with a deep coffee-and-cream color. The cigars are made by Tabacalera Tropical in Nicaragua. They are densely packed and feel great in the mouth. The flavor is rich with cocoa and woody tones and the cigar is medium to slightly full-bodied. Burn is excellent and there is no deterioration of flavor in the final third of the smoke. The sneaky monogram refers to the fact that these cigars will never appear on the internet or through mail advertisers. They were created Just For Retailers!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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