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Been away for a bit, but here goes: Some may recall my questions on my upcoming Golf outting and given new-b smokers (along with me), what would be good, etc. Ordered up the ITSF and El Mejor combo from CI.

El Mejor: Waited 2 days before smoking the first one. Burn problems from the very start. Enjoyed the flavor profile, which to my unrefined palate tasted sweet with a hint of cocoa aftertaste. I ended up having to relight a couple of times and eventually called it quits with 1"+ left. Flavor was very consistent throughout and by consistent it didn't change. Now that they've rested nearly 2 months I will have to give another one a shot. I had no problems with the nicotine level of this one.

ITSF-Mad: Smoked my first one Sat. (9/22/07) while mowing the yard. Really enjoyed this one. Burn problems corrected themselves and it never really got out of hand. Seemed to be caused by not turning it enough. Flavor was much more complex than the El Mejor. Started with a peppery taste, but it never overpowered. That remained through the first 2/3 with the last 1/3 having a much sweater flavor profile with jut a hint of pepper. I nubbed it, but my head was swimming for the next hour. Not something I could smoke with an empty stomach I'm afraid. Really like this one and can only imagine they will get better with age.

Plasencia Reserve Organic: I really like this cigar. The burn was absolutely perfect. Also the first cigar where my wife said it smelled good. This was the first "mild" cigar I've had and throughly enjoyed it. Again coming from a newb smoker, I thought the flavor was pretty complex with lots of taste (if that makes any sense). I can't pinpoint the flavor just that it kept things interesting with nothing overpowering to take note of. After smoking it to the nub I checked to see the prices.... yikes... hopefully I can find another mild smoke with lots of flavor that's a little cheaper. I noticed other BOTL had mixed views on this one. I fall into the I really enjoyed it group.

As my palate becomes more refined maybe I will start tasting the subtlies of each cigar. Till then I'm going to just enjoy the hobby!! Also from reading "reviews" from other BOTL it seems more flavour comes when you "nose smoke" however I have not figured this one out yet, read the "reviews" here, but no dice yet.
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