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Issues with humidity levels in the desert

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Prior to posting I searched but couldn't find any posts on smokers in the desert. Sorry if this topic has been covered and I missed it.

Are there any desert smokers out there? I'm struggling with the humidity in my humidor and trying to pick-up tips from other desert dwellers.

I have a middle-of-the-road 25-50 cigar humidor. I seasoned using a Boveda 84 packet per directions. I have a digital hydrometer that I calibrated with two units that I know are properly dialed in. While I can't calibrate it, I know it's about 6% high, so I subtract six from the reading. I also have a "analog" hydrometer that I did salt in a bag on, but I don't go by that unit.

After I seasoned per directions, I added my cigars and tossed in a Boveda 75 60g packet AND soaked and put the green foam humidity device that the unit came with and closed the unit for a week. When I opened, I was at about 62%, one week later 59, one week later 55%. Each week when I opened the box, I would also recharge the stock humidity device with distilled water.

As I mentioned, I live in the desert; humidity in our home averages between 19-26%. I think this must be what's sucking the moisture out of my humidor. Thinking I should maybe go with an 84% Boveda packet.

Curious how other desert dwellers keep the humidity up in their humidors. Open to any and all suggestions.

Let me know if there are any questions, and thank in advance!
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Humidity + heat =overheating and dehydration . Dry heat = dehydration. As long as body has salts and water it can stay cooled in dry heat for a long time . In high humidity that system stops working due to heat dissipation failure
WTF are you talking about? This is a discussion about cigar humidors, not why it's more dangerous to make the hot & humid walk from Bengaluru to Mumbai than it is to cross the Thar desert to Karachi in dry heat, or something.
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