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Hello all,

I bought this ST Dupont Defi Exxtreme (white) double torch flame from an authorized vendor in my area however I have some concerns… This is my 3rd Defi series and the finish is terrible. It’s a flat white color that is peeling excessively and the paint is very thin. The other 2 Defi models I have owned are both single flame models (chrome/ red). The red seems to have the same Chinese lacquer or similar thick finish that is like my others w lacquer and virtually bulletproof. I also see that it appears to be made of steel and I thought all DuPonts were brass. My maxijet has a tiny chip on it and it’s brass underneath, but unfortunately it’s spitting and may need service. I have 2 Megajets a Red and Black on Black. The black one has a tiny chip and it also appears to be steel. On the 2x Defi I noticed the click sounds the same as my other defis but the sound when lit doesn’t sound the same as the others. This vendor is fairly large and sells almost exclusively lighters, and has been verified on the Dupont site. My concern is that even legit vendors may sell fake products either unintentionally or intentionally. S/N: U08 BUBB495

Any info or details will be appreciated.

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