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Acquisition of technology is because becomes the craftsman indispensable. Several years spending time, if it passes experience, fundamental technology of the craftsman reaches to a higher level, either the fact that becomes the master craftsman is not dream. But, there is a 3rd component in addition to technology and experience, that that is passion you do not have to forget. Like technology and experience, it is not the case that it can be acquired with time and effort. Contrast, as for passion it does not depend on age experience. The craftsman who has talent truly, it is the expectation which is the job person who can hold passion vis-a-vis object ones. If word is replaced, can become the craftsman who stacked experience but, without passion without passion it is ranked it is not possible in the occupation to reach to the highest class. Age that much is not the important element for the passionate craftsman.

When meeting to the Hamlet Jaime Paredes person, as for me the air which encounters this truth again did. Does this young person how probably reach to the position of the master craftsman? He on December 12th of 1975 was born in Havana. The fact that in 18 years it starts working at the パルタガス factory, was start of that life as a leaf volumen roller. And, it had reached to the level of highest rank after the only 3 years the Torcedor of step rank 9 step, as a leaf volumen craftsman. Over long time, I obtained the opportunity which meets to many master Torcedor, but usually he and others the Paredes person compared to was the elderly age much. How being possible? Of course, that was first question to his. " If you study passionately, time in order the マ star to do technology that much is not important ", he answered. There is no excessive ostentation to that talking, in actuality, he very is moderate. 纏 It is and he continues to speak the self-confidence which is done to support gently. Alone you felt it is bold statement from the young person.
The passion for making that leaf volume doubts and is not, the way. Not only word, it is possible to prove that with the big achievement. He was awarded 1st rank in November of 2001 in the パルタガス description sense day Torcedor competition. With even in Cuba, the fact that the so young master Torcedor obtains support exceptional case was thing. " Passion is secret ", he continued to talk
Those where the Torcedor of step rank 9 step masters all type of vitola are proper thing. However, in my question, " so how you acquired the technology which makes the vitola which differs to brief, as for the leaf volumen roller which is the beginner, the Petit It begins from the vitola of the Coronas or the Coronas. I so was. So, as for me as for the intention of doing freely and easily it was not. In possible limit 迅 speed, with the goal of the thing where it can recognize my Double Coronas at the パルタガス factory it persevered very and increased. With my thought, as for the Double Coronas it is the vitola whose degree of difficulty is highest. Furthermore if it adds, that does being to be the vitola which I like very. Once when it succeeds in I making the complete Double Coronas, the other all vitola which includes the Torpedos, the Piramides or the Salomones completely the thing which learning/repairing profit is done, it meaning that is not difficult, it does ", he answered. I furthermore repeated question concerning the secret which makes the Double Coronas. " Secret simply is not technology. With my thought, the Torcedor must make most important, the fact that when corresponding to the various vitola, is sharp feeling. Especially when making big leaf volume perfectly, the feeling which exceeds technology becomes more important. The ま り, the Torcedor does the feeling being to materialize to convert to the vitola. The happening to have of the feeling which designates this, passion as the base, being to be the yardstick which measures the ability of the Torcedor in true sense it does. " With the Paredes person answered sufficiently passionately. So, him how doing the passion, it probably is possible everyday to maintain? The fact that passion wears out simply with process of repetition of everyday life means that has experience in anyone. " Everyday, in the degree which winds leaf volume, as for this leaf volume before the eye, beginning, you imagine there is a possibility of becoming first 1 of the people who inhale leaf volume. If I can exhaust the best, that leaf volumen smoker remembers life ' me ' probably will be through this first leaf volume. "

Of course the Torcedor after standing on all conditions, tries probably to make the highest leaf volume which it can it be possible. But, in actuality, the leaf volume which becomes the commodity, completely full the smoker who harshly appraises it is the fact where either it is not few not to be able to make add. The Paredes person how you probably think vis-a-vis such actuality? " The human is not the finishing all. It is complete with it does not limit the nature always. Occasionally, as for the smoker it is necessary to consider leaf volume the small child. In order for the small child, it is necessary lending the hand to leaf volume. With passion of the smoker, as for the small problem which occurs well, when it is the majority, it is possible to solve. For example, if leaf volume does the piece burns, it needs match or the help of the lighter/writer a little, only giving that, it solves problem. If the love for the leaf volume of the habitual smoker, you have me say, that is passion. "

It is now to work somewhere?
Have my own store " I now in Habana city. It is possible at your own store to make the various vitola, without restriction by working. Everyday, being to be continuation of very important challenge, for me it does. "
Your English is splendid, don't you think? is.
" The language, English as much as possible is the important instrument in order to convey my passion which makes leaf volume in many people. Conveying, being that to be my passion, it does. "

The Peredes person visited Japan in invitation of the Cigar Club. While staying, you passed many Japanese leaf volumen smoker and time, gently, and passionately talked together. Last comment, " only the Japanese habitual smoker, will meet again in Cuba. "

Cuba not only the tobacco, has raised also the bearer of the next generation securely. This young person spending time, when you attach to the body to experience, what kind of leaf volume probably will be wound just? If possible, ' him ' the honor which life is remembered was obtained with the leaf volume as the hand, to be, it is the thing. Even if that probably is my last leaf volume also.
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