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Hello again.....

Just returned from a 14 day cruise of Europe. Being that the ship was registered in Holland, and never left Euro waters, I was surprised to find their small humidor contained only non-Cubans.

Yes, I solved my own problem at Mike's Havana House in Antwerp, but again, given their stock of booze, perfumes, jewelry, etc., I had expected to find Cubans on board as well.

Is this typical....


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I was in Finland about 1 month ago and they had cubans but they cost $30 and up. Very limited selection, too. They did, however, have a decent selection of domestics. Cigarettes, on the other hand, were everywhere and everyone smoked em. I didn't see one person during my whole trip enjoying a good cigar. Very dissapointing.

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On my cruise to the bahamas they didn't have any cubans on board..... but on the island there were lots of fakes.... and i had to see all the people on board smoking them...

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