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Incoming Piper for the '11 Season

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you can skip the BS and cut straight to the ? @ the bottom or read my ramblings. :D

So ever since late last year when I really got myself into Cigars I've been considering pipes. I had a few good cigars previously and cigars seemed easier than buying a pipe and getting into that world. How foolish of me. Both are very easy but complicated hobbies to get acquainted with. Both require patience and practice to smoke properly so that you don't ruin them. Part of my '11 to do list is get my hands on a [bent] pipe and start enjoying some pipe baccy as well. Something about those bent Sherlock Holmes style pipes I like over the straight ones. Definitely found a few estates & expensive pipes I really like. Anyway I've done some light reading on storing, which pipe to start with etc. It would be nice if I could take the consideration and decision making out of it and just have a pipe. :D abrakadabra. Nope didn't work, guess I need to work on my magical skills...

Clay, Corn Cob, Meerschaum or just get an Estate. Everyone has good reasons behind the suggestions I've read. I really agree with each side of each pipe. It seems there's a lot of different options & opinions out there on which pipes to start with, use, and how to store baccy, etc. A previous thread someone had suggested the College Starters kit so I've been considering that. Especially since it is cheap and I'd hate to spend a lot on something I might ruin or not particularly care for. well all things in due time. I'll figure that all out along the way come time...

that thread also pointed a few makers I should be looking into. thing of it is I'm really wondering what baccy to start with & get my mitts on. I often use the "New Posts" feature so I see a few names pop up here and there but I'm really at a loss as to what I should I be trying. It probably doesn't help that I have no idea which kind of blends or flavors I'll like either. A guy comes into the Casino from time to time and he smokes nothing but Captain Black White Pouch and that stuff smells awesome... back on point, Dunhill Nightcap is definitely a top the list. Currently I'm really tempted to purchase a few tins since most places seem to be sold out and Dunhill, most blends are scarce. Seems it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy some now just to have since it's the only thing I know for sure I want to try. And why not buy several tins to start aging for longer down the road. Worse case scenario I'm out a few ten spots and have a few tins to gift out down the road to a fellow BOTL. Also I'd like to try Early Morning but haven't seen that one available anywhere. Thing is I don't have money to be getting into pipes atm having just spent a lot on getting into cigars but it seems like a hot item I might not be able to come across when I do get into pipes. I'm really hoping w/in the next couple months I make the plunge and pull the trigger on a pipe. Or maybe find someone who will take a few cigars for one. :D anyway Even if it is just a cheap pipe I'm really getting to just buy something w/in the next few weeks hopefully. Probably won't be building much a collection anytime soon but I definitely want to start buying a few things I should be trying and get an idea of what the hot, scarce, rare blends I should be looking for are. So I'd like to get a list going in case I find some HTF stuff or just want to order some w/ a few cigars next time I place an order.

-So what blends in bulk and tins should I be looking to try and buy right away?
-also, probably kind of stupid but how many bowls do a tin normally load? Like the 50g Dunhill tins.

of course any info about pipes, etc is also appreciated. I'll continue to read up on the forums and research so hopefully I don't make as many mistakes w/ pipes as I have w/ cigars... thanks!
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I would steer you away from a corncob or clay, simply because you want the "Bent sherlock holmes" type pipe. I've never seen a bent corncob, although I'm sure they exist.

Briar or Meerschaum tend to be the regulars. I smoke 3 briars and 1 meerschaum, and I like them both. I prefer my meerschaum for aromatics simply due to the fact that meerschaum breathes easily and absorbs moisture more effectively, something prevalent in aromatics. Correct me if I'm wrong, guys.

As far as "Hot, scarce, rare", I don't know a ton, but there are several that people on this forum seem to like:
Frog Morton
Samuel Gawith - Squadron Leader
Esoterica - Stonehaven
Esoterica - Penzance
Navy Flake

There are jillions more, but those are the few that I've seen mentioned OVER and OVER. has some swell pipes, and tinned tobacco to boot. They also sell cigars, although I haven't priced it so I don't know if it would be lucrative to just pick it all up from them.

I'll help however else I can!

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What the heck is Mejiers and where can I get some of these jars?
For storage, a clear mason jar works great, as well as the tins they come in, unopened.

Pouches can be stored in their pouch, but don't store incredibly well.

a humi pillow is worthless in an airtight jar, and I would argue that it might be a breeding ground for mold.

Try the pouch tobaccos, and be sure to try the jar blends. Some places have decent jar aero's, and they are fairly homogeneous from place to place (Cherries, Chocolates, Rums).
I too fancy a decent aromatic, which is not to say I only like aromatics.
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