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Just signed a contract to go to Shanghai from Nov. 16-22. Will be conducting seminars on sales and sales management/leadership.

Seems our Marxist friends want a "capitalist point of view" as they now have to compete in the global economy.

My host asked me if there was anything I particularly liked and I told him fine Habanos. He said that he'd provide me with as many as I want during my visit. :D :D

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Try these places out:

City: Shanghai
Name: The Shanghai American Club
Location: 99 Huangpu Road
Phone: 8621-6393-5885
Fax: 8621-6393-1113

Havana Nirvana
Glamorous upmarket cigar bar that stands out like a diamond amongst Shanghai 's style bar gold dust.
Address:210 Retail Plaza, 1376 Nanjing Rd, Shanghai,
Week hours: Mon-Sat 11am-midnight
Weekend hours: Sun 11am-8pm
Telephone: 00 86 21 6279 8008

The Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai
1376, Nanjing Xi Lu
Shanghai, 200040

- The Bar has one of Shanghai’s largest collections of cigars and malt whiskeys as well as a walk-in humidor with private lockers and a technologically sophisticated interior design. Nightly jazz is another draw.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Jin Mao Tower
88 Century Boulevard
Pudong, Shanghai 200121
People's Republic of China

Piano Bar
Shanghai's most sophisticated bar, with intimate lighting and the refined atmosphere of a bygone era. An extensive selection of single malt whiskies, premium brands and cigars is available.

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Might be tough smoking through those SARS masks, but I'm sure you'll figure out a way. Be careful, and enjoy yourself!

Now I'm working again, maybe I can get some sales/sales management training from you in trade for a coupla' old Habanos :w

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Congratulations. What a great deal . . . and to be taken care of too.
Just curious how the prices are?


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Lamar said:

Sounds like a wonderful trip!

I am in sales also, do you share your notes?
PM me your e-mail and I send you the brochure for the China program. It lists all the topic and "bullet points" I'll be covering.

No HK this trip but I've been there 6-7 times.

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Hey Phil, don't forget to take your hood! :r you can wear the side with the ****** eyes! lmaorotf

Hope you have a great time and nice score on the smokes!

PS if you come across any rice paddy hats, I'd love one!!!! :D ;)

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It's been awhile, but I remember as a kid I heard you could dig to China! Does this still hold true today? :confused: Either way I think flying in is best. I also heard that Al Gore opened a Chinese Restaurant! I'm not sure if it is actually in China though. Hey have a great trip! I would be very excited to just go to Tacoma this summer! :) rns
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