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Great. Thanks to you I've been checking every day for something in my area. Thankfully I have a short attention span and wouldn't know a deal if it bit me in the butt. I should be safe. Though I really do need a bigger humidor. :(
I got mine off of an online auction. It was considered "damaged". But I don't see any damage. It was already like half price and then I gave an even lower offer and the merchant accepted. It was like one of my first purchases and it holds humidity just fine. It's equal with my tuppidors. Which I also have a couple of. The humidor looks much nicer though. Only complaint I have is it was sold as a 300 count humidor and I don't think it is. I know when they do the counts they are counting a smaller cigar. But idk if I could ever get 300 in there. Maybe if i laid them perfectly.

I'll see if I can find the store and post it. It's definitely not in the same league as some of the other name brands I've seen mentioned here. But it was also like a fifth the price. Op definitely got a nice deal with that though.

It's called Ravello 300 count burl humidor with sure seal technology. It was like $75 shipped.

Mine doesn't have any of those scratches or dings. I can't see any damage or imperfections at all
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