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And leaves destruction in his wake. Seriously this guy is a force to be reckoned with, he hit me with so many sticks, homemade fudge, coffee syrup and an awesome cigarlive polo shirt with my name on it. I also won a very rare Edicion de Silvo cigar!

This all happened when I met up with Tobacmon, g8trbone, buttah, howland1998, and brought Research-Colin with me to a herf in southern VA.

We had a blast at Emmerson's cigar shop in Chesapeake VA. To be fair not all of the sticks pictured were from Gerry, in fact everyone embarrassed me by kicking the crap out of me. Gerry also brought along his lovely wife Shirley, that Gerry is a lucky man she was so nice to all of us and treats Gerry like a King. All in all I had so much fun with these guys and I can't wait until the Richmond herf.

I was truly humbled by the overwhelming generosity of these Brothers of the Leaf and would like to publicly thank all of them




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We started trying to figure out who or what you were bringing and man what a surprise it was. Can't wait till the Richmond herf so we can have some more fun and laughter---Great to meet you also!
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