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I don't know anything about the Audew unit pictured - let's start there. However, I have 10+ years experience with both Thermoelectric and Freon cooled boxes - the past 7 years using freon cooled boxes and in the process of building a 7 cu ft new freon cooled rig.

How well that box will perform depends upon 6 basic factors. 1) Level of Insulation, 2) Door seal, 3) Temperature regulation swings from controller, 4) Type of cooling - convection or forced air, 5) Condensation (should be 0 visible and no accumulation, 6) Media.

I run the temperature in my rig at 69F which is just under the magic 70F degree mark. Why, because regardless of the unit or how well it works the less cooling cycles the better.

Glass door, yes indeed they are decorative - but there is an unwanted side effect, glass does not insulate temperature - so, a glass door unit will require more cooling cycles to maintain temperature which is undesirable. I covered the glass on my current unit with a sheet of 3/4" R-6 foam insulation and it made a noticeable improvement.

Level of insulation and door seal are sefl-explanatory.

Temperature swings from controller - the units I've ran thus far have crappy thermostat controllers and I have replaced them with programmable electronic units. More downward temperature swings during cooling cycles = more condensation and dry air periods which will very in severity based upon many factors. Simply put, less is better.

Type of cooling. If the cooling element is small and maybe a small fan on it and it drips with condensation that's a problem. The current freon rig I run, the whole back of the box, side to side and top to bottom is an evaporator coil. It's pure convection cooling with no fans on it. Without fans it collects condensation even with the electronic controller. Solution, I added 4 x 12V 120mm fans blowing directly onto the evaporator plate. No condensation and the temperature transfer was greatly improved, which resulted in shorter cooling cycles.

Media. Not going to start up a debate there. I run silica sand and use a full 4lb bag in two open top containers in a ~3.5 cu ft rig. YA MUST HAVE TWO WAY MEDIA IN MOST CLIMATES. My media adds moisture from October to late April, then absorbs excess humidity from May to September.

DATA LOGGERS: Really necessary to properly manage what's going on. They not only show you real time temperature and humidity, but log the data over time and show trends and do all this with the door closed.

I would get the data logger right away, then start working on getting your rig working to your liking. Data logger will make that process much easier.

Hope this helps you bro.
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