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Is Navydoc the devil? Or merely a spawn from hell? What kind of sick bastard sends a 1983 cigar to an obviously weak and obsessive compulsive like me? I guess the answer is a really really nice one. Thank you and #$%# you all in the same breath. First ISOM's now aged ISOM's. You know what they charge to go out and buy these now? I was going to get a new boat this summer but noooo you have to send me this.

This 1983 HDM Pantela Largos came to me from the Devil in the all Cuban Pif. When they first arrived I read the vitals sheet and thought it was a writo. 83? The only thing I still have from 83 is probably a few pairs of underwear somewhere in the bottom of the closet. This cigar was born 4 years before my oldest, a college freshman. Wow!

Pre-Light Ruminations
This is (was) about a 6 ½ inch long very small ring gauge (1/4 inch across) 26 ring? branch like looking thing. It had no appreciable odor but looked worldly. It has been acclimating itself to all the newbies in my humi for around a 3 weeks.

Initial Thoughts
Being a gift from the Devil it showed surprisingly little flame retardency and lit easily. First few puffs were nice. Draw was a little more than tight but getting some nice smoke from this oddly shaped stick by power puffin. I don't know if this is common with the aficionados here when they smoke vintage cigars but I kept thinking about the year 1983 and what I was doing then. It made the smoking experience different than just herfin one.

Smoking Experience
An 83 wow this is gonna be special I'm thinking as the draw gets tighter and tighter. About 2 inches into it nothing. What to do? Is the Devil just taunting me? Sure 2 preliminary teaser inches then nada. I purge (Blow really hard) and offer my soul for a clean draw. Poof its smooth and perfect. It's true. OK not the soul part.

I know this is going to make me look stupid but who cares. This "thing" was awesome. The flavor was sublime. From a little over ½ way it was delicious. Tried inhaling (ex smoker mistake due to the RG) and it was ok but just once. Smooth rich flavors. Woody kind of monte flavor for a while. Then it got richer. How can such a thin stick have such depth and flavor? The last 2-3 inches were um ah .. elegant and nuance filled? Rich flavors from a different vocabulary go here. This is what they keep talking about on aging sticks was my predominant smoking thought. Got two little burns index and thumb from the finish.

Final Thoughts
Maybe there's something to this aging thing you guys keep talking about. I'm glad to have started with a smaller ring gauge something larger might have stopped my heart. I have no idea what these taste like fresh but the 22 year old versions last 3 inches were a unique and special experience for me. Thank you Navydoc and if this is what cigars are like in hell well maybe…

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Re: Hoyo de Monterrey Pantela Largos

Glad to have been the 'one' to have shared this with you. 28 ring gauge....I have some that were 'tight' but like you, continued to puff away and like you again found the draw to ease up and produce quite a bit o smoke that was unlike any other I have smoked. I agree, time to move up to the 'big boys'. God help both of us :w
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