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Well I finally broke my cherry :) This was my first Habana.

I received a pack of these today and I just couldn't wait to light one up.

Size: 5 x 40

Construction: The wrapper looked rugged but had a nice firm feel. The burn and draw were perfect.

Taste: Ahhhh...I was in complete cigar heaven. It started off rich and creamy with hints of coffee. The taste was very similar to a Punch Gran Puro I had last week but was richer and fuller. The first half was somewhat mediumed bodied with tha last half more of a full bodied stick. I smoked this baby till my lips burned :)

I can now see why there is so much fuss over cuban cigars. Hopefully in the future I find a way to get some more (fingers crossed)


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Re: Hoyo de Monterrey Exquisitos

In my personal opinion, you havent smoked a cuban until you've smoked a HDM. everything size ive had was pure bliss.

Out of any of the top isom's, the double corona by HDM is by far my absolute favorite. the last one i had put me in a state of complete nirvana.

everything about it was so, rich and seductive. it was an all out attack on all of my senses. dare i say about as close to the perfect cigar as i could ask for.

great review
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