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I have a question on aging. Many of the best cigars I've smoked have been in the hopper for years. That said, how do you judge the proper time for each individual cigar it ever just automatic, say a box of brand X, 3 years, it's ready.....or is it more like pull one out right away, store, try again a year later store...then maybe 4-5 years it's a masterpiece.

Any thoughts on the art of proper aging will help me greatly, I've only been serious about cigars the past year, hardly enough to get the edge off a Boli! So I gots to get crackin' Thanks for any input. Dave:w

Plus if you have a set time for any brand please tell. I get the feeling I'm gonna smoke Locos for 3-5 years as I pace waiting

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jim(jsl AKA secretsanta) had some words of wisdom a few years ago and it hasnt failed me since...27 months for the smaller (42 ring)habanos at this point the stronger smokes(boli partagas etc)are "smokable".everything i bring home from cuba gets a year(this doesnt include 5packs)of rest just to get the humidity down to something acceptable...still dont try untill over 2 years.dont smoke a lot of larger format smokes but i do have a box of 3 year old lusi's that still are youthfull(turn raunchy and juicy toward the end.
there are exceptions tho...cracked a box of '98 boli coronas 2 months after i got em...they are phenominal
hope this helps
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